Day 179: Blinded by Comfort (2022)

Fr. Mike points out how Amos’ warning against being overly preoccupied with comfort and thus blinded to the needs of others can be especially relevant to us today. The readings are 2 Kings 11-12, Amos 4-6, and Psalm 122. For the complete reading plan, visit Please note: The Bible …

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The Figure in the Garage

When a beloved former firefighter is found dead in his garage, police are desperate for answers until they discover that a neighbor’s home security camera captured a figure near the crime scene. Was it the killer? Dennis Murphy reports. 

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The House on the Lake

Keith Morrison reports on one man’s extraordinary journey through the courts in upstate New York and his children who stood by him to the end. 

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Battleground Republicans squeezed hardest on abortion after Roe falls

House Republicans say they’re mostly unfazed by the political ramifications of Friday’s Supreme Court abortion ruling. Except some of their most endangered incumbents, who’d rather not say much about it at all. Even Republicans from the nation’s biggest battlegrounds now embrace the anti-abortion mantle, a near-universal position in a House …

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18 Ways the Supreme Court Just Changed America

The Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade will create two Americas when it comes to abortion access — the mostly red states where abortion is illegal in most circumstances, and the mostly blue states where it is mostly available with restrictions. But this sudden cleaving in the United …

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