AP Top Stories May 5 A

Here’s the latest for Thursday May 5th: Russia attacks Ukrainian rail stations; European Union considers ban on Russian oil imports; New Mexico wildfire spreads to 250 sq. miles; Space Station astronauts returning to Earth.       

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Separatists accuse Ukraine of oil depot attack

One person was killed and two wounded when Ukrainian forces shelled an oil depot in the city of Makiivka outside Donetsk, separatist authorities claimed on Wednesday. Four 5,000-tonne oil tanks caught fire after the attack, they claimed in a statement. (May 5)       

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Looking for the leaker: What was the ideological motivation for providing the Roe v. Wade reversal draft?

The Supreme Court is a cathedral of secrecy, but justices have to be able to exchange views, trade notes and cobble together a consensus in an atmosphere of confidentiality. This explains why the Roe v. Wade abortion leak happened, and why it’s so devastating.

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