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Fascism and the American GOP with Brynn Tannehill

Host Reed Galen is joined by Senior Defense Analyst and Author Brynn Tannehill to discuss the characteristics of fascism exhibited in the modern GOP and the trajectory for how those characteristics came to be. Plus, why are Americans so apprehensive to acknowledge the GOP’s dangerous autocratic threats and has the …

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This is Leadership

Host Reed Galen is joined by Lincoln Project Senior Advisor Joe Trippi to discuss the latest in the investigation on January 6th and why strong leadership is key in keeping the insurrection top-of-mind as the November midterms continue to draw near. Plus, what could happen as a result of the …

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Politics 101: What Democrats Must Do to Win in 2022

Class is now in session! Host Reed Galen is joined by fellow Lincoln Project Co-Founder Rick Wilson to break down what the Democrats must do to win the midterm elections in 2022 – how to fight, what opportunities to seize, and why the perfect message is so important. Plus, why …

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The Generation That Won’t Let Go with Clint Watts

Host Reed Galen is joined by Clint Watts (National Security Analyst and President & CEO of Miburo Solutions) to discuss Russia/Ukraine – including the strategies Russia is likely to deploy and how the Ukrainians can continue to successfully defend their nationhood, how the Russian people’s opinions are souring on the …

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We Will Not Let Hate Win with Sen. Mallory McMorrow

Host Reed Galen is joined by Senator Mallory McMorrow, a Democratic member of the Michigan State Senate representing Michigan’s 13th District. They discuss the importance of Sen. McMorrow’s now viral speech in which she took to the Senate floor to defend herself against the absurd accusations from Republican State Senator …

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She Never Left

A missing mother in Jacksonville, Florida leaves behind a three-year-old son, whose memory of their last night together offers some clues as to what happened to her. The case remains cold until two decades later when the son, Aaron Fraser, solves the mystery that haunted his childhood. Dennis Murphy reports. 

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Day 151: Wisdom and Folly (2022)

Fr. Mike delves deeper into the lessons Ecclesiastes teaches us today about living wisely by keeping the end in mind, enjoying the present moment, and not worrying too much about other people’s opinions of us. Today’s readings are 1 Kings 9, Ecclesiastes 6-7, and Psalm 7. For the complete reading …

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The House on Shalimar Way

When a woman dies after what appears to be an accidental fall, evidence comes to light that suggests it could have been homicide. Andrea Canning reports on the latest chapter in the case.

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Day 150: The Dedication of the Temple (2022)

Fr. Mike explains the details of Solomon’s dedication of the Temple, and the power of God’s presence dwelling in it. In Ecclesiastes, we continue to learn more nuggets of wisdom about friendship, prudence, and money. Today we read 1 Kings 8, Ecclesiastes 3-5, and Psalm 6. For the complete reading …

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“Murder in Studio One” From TODAY

TODAY and Audible join forces to crack a case … of murder! There’s been a murder in studio one and everyone’s a suspect. Recorded live at the Minetta Lane Theatre, a dozen TODAY and NBC News anchors take center stage in this hilarious radio play. First released in 1941, Murder …

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